Simple Makeup Tutorials For Indian Girls

Today we are going to learn how to do simple makeup tutorial. This video is meant for beginners. So if you are a college going girl or one who wish to look presentable every time you step out of your home, take out few minutes and check out this tutorial. This will help you knowing how to choose eye shows for minimum makeup look. You will also learn easy makeup application method. With that fun tips and tricks to use different types of brushes is also included.

Let’s start with primer. Using primer helps giving a base to your skin and also provides a smooth texture. Adding little bit of powder to keep it long lasting is advisable. Then comes concealer that completely hide pigments and marks on your skin. If you have patches or moles on your skin, using one shade higher concealer is recommended. Always remember you contour shade that should be Two to three darker than your skin tone. When you are done with the basic base makeup the next thing is eye makeup.

Before we step into eye make tutorial let’s talk about brushes. There are different kinds of eye makeup brushes that you can use. One is advance brush for eye shadows application. It makes application of eye shades a bit easier and spread it across the eye lids. Then comes small smudge brush, when using it dab little with pressure to remove extra shade. Lastly, soft brush a brush that comes with flat tip is reliable to do application of eye shades around corners and edges of the eyes. It is highly recommended to never use brushes which are unhygienic.

You can choose eye shadows and pigment as you like. Eye shades comes in different texture and shades. When doing eye part, first thing is highlighter which is great for uplifting the look. Start by concentrating inner portion of eyes and then go outwards. Here is a fun tip, dip your brush into water and tab on your palm then apply to see shimmer and shine, if don’t want extremely shimmery eye shades. Focus on your eyes corner and go up towards your eyes maker imaginary eye using your brush.

Next is contouring blend into the crease and the matte should be higher than contour but not too high. You can always reapply to get higher tone. For underneath the eye, make sure your brush meets the highlighted area. Keep it close to the lash line possible. Complete the look by uplifting your eye lashes and apply mascara. Use a mascara shield or piece for better application. Hey you’re done! Don’t forget to share your pictures and ideas with us and if you want to check some more tutorials on make up for girls click here.

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