6 Ways To Remove Makeup at Home

remove makeup at home

Removing makeup at home is easy and it is absolutely side effects free too. However making sure the ingredients you use to remove it should suit your skin type or else you may see allergic reaction. it is also recommended to wash your face or other body parts where makeup is applied before you use a remover. There are dermatologist recommended face wash available that are great for removing makeup, so that’s a good option too. However, in this guide were are going to talk about household ingredients that can be used as natural mediums to remove makeup. Let’s explore them:

Tomatoes: it’a a fact that eating tomatoes or applying its juice on your skin helps you repair skin cells as it nourishes your skin. Just take couple of ripe tomatoes, mash them and make a paste. Gently rub the paste on your face, apply it all over the face and then wash it off after 8-10 minutes or as soon as it dries up. This works as a natural remedy for removing makeup easily at home.

Curd: With its natural and anti-bacterial properties it is a great ingredient to be used for removal of makeup. It nourishes your skin and also help in tan removal. All you need is two spoon of curd, mix it well and then apply it on face, and clean it off with water after sometime.

Honey: Not just great for skin, but also work like a super ingredient to get rid of that layer of makeup from your face. It’s skin nourishing and antibacterial properties makes it one the best household ingredient used in many home remedies. For this, you can take a spoon of honey, a pinch of cinnamon powder with water to make a paste like consistency and apply it on face. it will easily remove your makeup and will also work like a face pack for natural glow.

Orange Peels: The abundance of vitamin C in orange peels makes it a perfect ingredient for using it in homemade skin care treatments. Just peel an orange and put in blender with some water to make a smooth paste and directly apply it on your face like a pack. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it of with water.

Olive Oil: Many professional makeup artist use olive oil to remove foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. The reason why it works perfectly is because it is less abrasive and removes makeup smoothly.

Cucumber: Mainly used for relaxing eyes and its juice is used to get rid of puffy eye bags. However, cucumber juice can also be used as natural makeup remover. Mix it up with baby oil and a bit of lemon juice and then apply it on skin to gently remove makeup.

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