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Do you dream about becoming an ace makeup artist? Well, there are thousands of aspiring students who wants to become professional makeup artists. Even though it takes some serious hard work, creative thinking and skill set to become a successful makeup professional, but rewards for the hard work you’ll put in is surely worth it. If you are based in Mumbai, Maharashtra or perhaps living in some other city and want to get admission in a makeup school in Mumbai, we have created a list of some of the highly rated schools or academies that provide certified diploma courses to students who wants to learn makeup and hairstyling.

At these schools you have different courses and diplomas you can get admission in. Their curriculum generally include red carpet, party, natural, air brush, and bridal makeup. Most of their provide on-campus job interviews after completion of the course, so you can be assured of a decent job if you don’t prefer working as a freelancer.

Given below are some of the top makeup schools in Mumbai:

Best Makeup Courses In Mumbai

Marvie Ann Beck Makeup & Hair Academy – Based on Mumbai, Maharashtra, The Marvie An Beck makeup school is very highly rated by professionals and institute’s past students who have gone on to become successful makeup artists. If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a makeup artist in the glamorous city of Mumbai, this is the school you should get your training from.

The academy is founded by Marvie Ann Beck who is a renowned international celebrity makeup artist. She has won many awards for her excellent makeup work in Bollywood films. He academy has produced many top makeup professionals and hairstylists.

Fat Mu Makeup Training School – A very highly rated and reputed makeup school in Mumbai that is known to produce some of the finest makeup artists who have worked in Bollywood films and TV shows. Their courses and training curriculum is an excellent platform for anyone who is interested in learning make-up artistry. Below are different courses and training classes they provide:

8 Week Pro Makeup Course
3 Week fashion & Beauty
3 Week Hair Styling
1 Week Intro To Makeup
2 Hours Non Pro Makeup

BHI Makeup Academy – If you are serious about learning some advanced makeup techniques that are required to do well in international platform then look no further BHI academy. They have produced many world class makeup professionals and their teaching faculty include some of the top makeup artists from Bollywood and Hollywood movies industries.

Enrich Academy – Enrich is also a good academy to kick start your makeup and hairstyling training. They also have training center in Mumbai. It is a perfect platform for beginners who have just stepped in the glamorous world of makeup.

Pearl Academy – Pearl makeup school is also a good option for aspiring students. They have training centers in Delhi/NCR, Jaipur and Mumbai. Their course duration is 1 year and you must be 10+2 to be eligible to get admission.

VLCC Makeup School – VLCC institute is also based in Mumbai where they provide in-depth makeup training to their students.

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