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If you don’t know what a dulhan means, well it is a hindi word for bride! Everywhere in the world, every bride’s dream is to look at her absolute best on the special day isn’t it? This is the day you wait for all your teenage/adult life and when it finally here and knocking your door, it gives those nervous chills. Well, your bridal dress, shoes, jewellery must be ready by now, but what about the makeup? Hiring a professional freelance dulhan makeup artist in your area should be your priority because during the wedding season they all are pre-booked, hence booking them in advance should be the way forward.

For girls about to get married, they have that desire to look like a princess on that important day of their lives. You want everything to be perfect from hairstyle to wedding lehenga and jewellery to makeup. You certainly don’t want anything left undone! When it comes to wedding dress, makeup and hairstyle, every bride starts preparing months in advance to get that gorgeous look.

If you are looking for indian dulhan makeup tips and tutorial videos to learn how the makeup should be done, then please watch the videos below. They are created by professional bridal makeup artists and giving you extremely important and crucial tips to achieve that perfect look on your special day.

Preparing for your wedding look is great but sometimes in excitement we all commit mistakes that can completely break down that special look you have desired and worked so hard for its preparation. Well, to avoid these mistakes continue reading below as we take your through imperative points to consider when it comes to your bridal makeup.

hindu bride makeupHire The Best Makeup Artist: On your best day of life, you deserve the best don’t you? So, don’t compromise with those cheap bridal packages and hire a professional artist you can make your look drop dead gorgeous. You should also get a good bridal skin care package and start the skin treatment routine at least 3 months in advance. For this have hair spa, packs and do at least 2-3 facials before the grand day. You can get more details on this from your beautician and select a treatment for your skin type and texture.

Opt For Makeup Trial: Never forget to have a trial makeup done by your artist before the wedding day because this will give you the complete idea about how you’re going to look, so you can make changes and approve it. This is a good strategy to just in case if you want to make any changes in your look as it will give you a better idea about what looks good on you.

Pre-Bridal Facials: 4-5 days before the wedding date you should have a pre-bridal facial because it takes that many days to let the complete glow come on your face. Similarly eyebrows also takes 3-4 days to look natural after getting them done by your beautician. Also, in case there are spots or rashes that may have occurred during beauty treatment, they will take at least 3-4 days to disappear, and that is why pre-bridal is recommended.

Selecting Makeup Type: Based on bridal dress, jewellery and hairstyle you should opt for a makeup type to gel everything together nicely. Whether you are getting ready yourself or by the artist, you should select the makeup based on other things to get the complete look going for you. For this take your skin tone, hair color, dress color and hairstyle in consideration.

dulhan makeupDon’t Over Do it: It’s quite understandable that brides wants to look the best at their wedding day but at the same time makeup should never be over done otherwise it may horribly go wrong. It’s a wrong perception that dulhan makeup should be dark and extremely bright, because dark makeup can make you look awful and it takes away that sparkle and glowing appearance as well. It also has an adverse effects on photos because you’re going to look dark and dull. Therefore, make sure your artist do not use excessive shimmer.

Pay attention other body parts: A bridal makeup should not only concentrate on face, but should be balanced one with other body parts getting emphasis too. For instance, other visible body areas such as neck, back, shoulders and waist should also be merged with same skin tone as face by applying foundation. it will ensure your face, hands, neck and other parts are even toned in photos.

Have A Healthy Diet: Taking care of your diet before wedding is important to have that natural glow on your face and also to look slim. For this you should prepare a nutrient rich diet plan at least 3 months before and follow it strictly with regular workout regimen. You should eat lots of fruits and have vegetable juice to give your skin that radiant look. Drink as much water as you can to cleanse your body. Also take care of your sleeping pattern with at least 8-9 hours of daily sleep. This will rejuvenate your body and you will feel a fresh and full of energy.

Cosmetics Selection: If you are going to get ready for wedding day at a parlor then take your cosmetic products and makeup kit with you. Have a list of products that are required in advance to avoid last minute rush. Make sure you buy makeup products from good brands only and they must be water proof so that they stay for long period of time.

Wedding Jewellery: Selecting your wedding jewellery is highly imperative. Makes sure it suits your makeup, hairstyle and wedding dress. It should not be very heavy otherwise you will find it difficult to wear it for long duration on your wedding day. Specially the nose ring and waist jewelry are very difficult to wear for long time.

Keep The Makeup Box: Even after getting ready, carry a small makeup kit with you or ask your friends or family members to carry it for you. This is important in case you need it for touch ups. For instance your makeup may need touch up to correct smudges after many rituals and meeting guests. Specially keep an eyeliner, lipstick, cotton and wet wipes with you.

Important Dulhan Makeup Tips

  • Always select the foundation based on your skin tone and type. Make sure you buy one tone lighter foundation to naturally enhance your complexion.
  • If you have big lips, then you can use inner outline technique with lip color and pencil to make them look sleeker and smaller from all sides. On the other hand if you have small lips then you can do the opposite to make them look bigger.
  • If you have small eyes and want to make them look bigger then make the inner side eye lines thinner and make the outer eye lines a bit thicker to make the eyes look bigger and wider.
  • If you have smaller neck and shoulders then opting for a v-shape neck design of the blouse to make the neck look longer and it will also make you look lot slimmer.
  • If you are short in height then you can opt for a hairstyle that is more upwards to look taller and similarly you can also wear high heels to increase your height for time being.
  • If you have dusky complexion, then you should opt for light makeup and avoid those dark and glossy makeups. Never apply too much of foundation to look fair, because it will make you look unnatural.
  • Always apply primer before applying foundation and rest of the makeup to have it stay for longer duration.

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