Cosmetics Brands in India: The Best Compiled List

cosmetics brands india

The cosmetic products market in india has seen enormous amount of growth in recent past. With introduction of several eCommerce websites and also official websites of top cosmetic brands, it has become a lot easier for consumers to get their favorite cosmetics and makeup products delivered at home. Even though there hundreds of companies selling their products both online at local retail stores, but we recommend sticking with prominent ones only with positive brand image and name in the industry.

Let’s explore some of the best cosmetic brands in India and their products:


L’Oreal Paris





Faces Canada




Lotus Herbals




Elle 18



Shahnaz Herbals

Forest Essentials


Rimmel London


Street Wear


Estee Lauder


Fair and lovely

Garnier Fructis



Kama Ayurveda

Top Trending Makeup Products:

Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact: Even with so many cosmetic companies and their products in compact range are fiercely competing, the Maybelline New York compact always score high, and the new white super fresh compact doesn’t disappoint at all. The pure mineral compact can easily light your complexion. It naturally absorbs dirt, oil and sweat that visible lightens your skin tone.

The product formula also claim to protect your skin from UV rays. Those UV filters helps your protect that skin from damages that causes due to excessive exposure to sun rays. The company claims that one application gives your upto 12 hours of fair and perfect skin appearance. No matter if it is hot cold or humid weather, with this super fresh white compact, your complexion will be flawless all day long.

Ads Makeup Kit: Looking for a small and compact makeup kit that is portable enough to carry around wherever you go? Well, the new Ads Makeup Kit can be your best bet. It comes with different eye shadows shades, lip colors, compact and blushes that makes it a near perfect makeup kit. The price is also on the lower side, which makes it a good product to purchase for beginners.

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation: If you want a long lasting dazzling glow throughout the day, you have to give a try to new Perfecting Liquid Foundation from Lakme. Foundation these days has become an integral part of face makeup, and this liquid foundation perfectly spreads in every contour of your face to give you flawless skin look. It is perfect to hide your dark spots, blemishes, patchy skin and dark circles as well.

This liquid foundation is based on a water resistant formula that makes it long lasting and it is also smudge free. The other good thing about this foundation is that it features silicones and vitamin E that significantly contributes in nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. It is a 27ml bottle which small enough to carry in your bag wherever you go.

Mars Mini Lipsticks Set: This 10 Piece Mars Mini Lipsticks Set is a great addition to your makeup kit because it comes with 10 gorgeous lipstick shades that are in fashion trend these days. They are high quality and gives you beautiful lips all day long. Give this lipstick set a try and we are sure you are going to love them!

V-Color Nail Paint Set: This 12 piece set of nail paint is an absolute delight for nail art lovers! Colors are so fresh and vibrant in this nail paint set. V-Color is a well known brand in nail paints industry. Just get this amazing set and create beautiful and smooth looking nails that will surely attract lot of eyeballs.

With a proper blend of ingredients this nail paint set will give you nothing but quality effects on your nails, and if you do nail art then it can be a wonderful addition to your arsenal of nail accessories. This 12 piece set comes equipped with shimmery, glittery and smooth colors with matte finish that gives your gorgeous nails that are so bright and vibrant.

Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit: This is a great set of 24 cosmetic makeup brushes that comes with a fine black leather case. It includes 24 finely crafted brushes that are perfect for different makeup usage and techniques. These brushes are made with really soft hair and the base handles is very well designed that ensure comfortable use. It is surely a great brush set for both commercial and personal makeup application use.

The impressive part is the brush hair density which is very good for both minerals and powder makeup products. Also, the brushes are supplied with plastic wraps that safeguard them against any damages.

Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set: The all new Kabuki Makeup Brush kit is wonderful brush set to have for any makeup artists and individuals as well. It is a premium synthetic made brush set that includes 5 different brushes for various makeup techniques. In this brush set you will get cosmetic foundation blending brush, eyeliner, and face powder brush. Material used to build these brushes is synthetic and it comes in silver and pink color combination.

Without any doubt these are amazing brushes for any makeup enthusiast and total value for money set as well. They are well built that makes them firm and also do not absorb makeup product, which makes them efficient as well. You get different brushes that will perfect fit to work with different contours of your face. This is an all-purpose makeup brush set.

Product Features:

  • Newly released brand new brush set of high quality material.
  • Very soft and silky that makes makeup applying expeirnce smooth.
  • Ergonomic bold handle shape for ease of use.

Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher (Ginger Surprise): Hey gorgeous girls! With the Lakme 9 to 5 Rouge Blusher, it’s time to blush and attract! This amazing rouge blush is enough to attract some eyeballs and make a grand style entry. Just dab it on apple of your cheeks and you’re good to go with that perfect blush.

This new Rouge Blusher from Lakme is made with all new pure pressed powder formula which makes it super easy to apply with help of the soft in-built brush it comes with. Just a few dabs and strokes, and you’ll be ready to blush all day long. It is definitely a great makeup add-on in your bag!

Product Features:

  • Pure pressed powder blush
  • Easy Application
  • Soft built-in brush

ADS Color Series Makeup Kit: This complete makeup kit from ADS company offers you 8 different eyeshadows, 8 lip color shades, 1 power cake, 2 blushes and a mirror as well. Given the fact it is low priced makeup kit, you couldn’t ask for more.

It’s a great kit for girls who like carrying a small makeup kits with them anywhere they go. Size and design of the kit is compact which is an added advantage.

Homeoculture Combo Hair Accessories (7 Pack): Looking for an affordable hairstyling accessories set? The Homeoculture Combo Hair Accessories is a wonderful tool set you must have in your hairstyling arsenal. It comes with 3 different size hair donuts that can be used in different hairdos. It also comes with Magic Puff Maker, Banana Bumpit, Volumizer and Tic Tac Puff maker. It is highly effective set of tools which has become very popular amongst girls in India and worldwide.

It is absolutely value for money deal, because you get 7 high quality hair accessories at just Rs. 420/-. It doesn’t really get any better than this. The donuts it comes with are wonderful to use if you like doing hairstyles frequently. In just a couple of minutes you can create a gorgeous bun that usually takes so much time if you don’t have the right tools. No matter if you have short, long, thick or thin hair type, this hair accessories set is surely going to be very useful for you. These donuts and other accessories are also washable, so after use you can clean them using water or wet cloth.

Lakme Radiance Complexion Compact: When it comes to buying high quality compact, nothing really beats Lakme products. In a new compact product series Lakme has launched the Radiance Complexion Compact which is available in Pearl, Coral, Marble and Shell options. Weight of the product is 56 grams only. The compact contains vitamin C, E and allantoin complex which is good for skin and prevents skin allergy. According to Lakme, the product is formulated with advanced micromesh technology.

The other impressive thing about the Lakme Radiance Compact is that it is an enriched foundation with multi-vitamin and primarily with Vitamin C and E. it comes in compact powder form that gives you bright and radiant looking skin. It not only makes your skin look flawless but it also protects it with the multi-vitamin enrichment it offers.

This radiance natural pearl compact powder ensure adequate nourishment which is imperative to moisturize your skin to protect it against various skin problems that occur when you apply compacts. The advance micromash technology used in development of this compact gives you that amazing matte finish look, and with that the Allantoin complex also protects your skin from dirt and pollution. The impressive aspects are its easy application and availability in different shades.

Kiss Beauty Makeup Kit (Eye Shadow, Compact, Blusher, Lip Color): If you are willing to buy an all in one makeup kit, the all new Kiss Beauty Makeup Kit is a great option for you. it is very cost effective and reasonably priced. It comes with 30 eye shadow shades, 3 blushers, 4 lip colors and 2 compact shades as well. Overall weight of the kit is 260 grams only, which is quite lightweight to carry around with you with ease.

Make sure you store it in a cool and dry place to improve its longevity and also keep it away from children. It is for all skin types, but if you expeirnce any skin allergic reactions, you should immediately stop using it.