Bridal Makeup Kit – List of All Essentials

bridal makeup kit

If there is one special day that every girl remember till the last breath of her life, it has to be the wedding day. Looking like a gorgeous princess that grabs all the eye balls is the ultimate dream of every girl and therefore the need of a perfect bridal make up kit that has all the essentials, makeup tools, brushes, etc. is important. Having a kit perfectly setup isn’t that easy though, because you’re most likely to miss out on particular products that you need for that perfect look all the time.

All the married women have gone through this isn’t it? Struggling to find their favorite cosmetics and putting all together for the bridal makeup kit. Even though these days you can pretty much buy all the essential makeup kit cosmetics online, but if you don’t have the list ready, then it is going to be tough because you will have to roam around from one cosmetic store to another to explore and buy different essentials.

Girls who are about to get married, they spend a lot of money on bridal dresses, shoes, jewelry and various accessories, and even on a professional makeup artist, but they forget about the makeup kit that they are going to need after the wedding day. Well, for all those girls who haven’t put together a nice makeup kit that they can use after all the chaos and rituals of big indian wedding, we have prepared a bridal kit with all the essentials and must have cosmetic products from different brands. Although you don’t have to sweat over it because you can purchase lakme makeup kit directly from the market to save time as it has all the required cosmetics. However, if you have time and want affordable alternatives, then making your own makeup kit list is a better idea. You can pick from the products we have suggested below according to what suits you best. So, let’s explore:

makeup kitLipstick: For every bridal kit having a decent variety of lipstick shades is must. You can opt for your favorite shades in base colors like pink, red, orange and nudes. Shades are personal choice, so select whichever you like applying for everyday makeup. Also, don’t forget to have lip gloss.

Lip Balm: It’s a handy one to have in your kit, specially great for one of those days when you don’t feel like applying lipstick to have that casual or natural look.

Eye Shadow Primer: It is one of the most important essential as far as eye makeup is concerned because the primer work as a base for eye shadow and therefore it is must have essential and should be chosen carefully. It has huge significance because it helps your eye shadow stay for longer and also makes the blend look a bit more enhanced. It is also great for preventing creasing. You should definitely have eye primer in your bridal kit if you don’t want to experience one of those messed up eye makeup days.

Eyebrow Pencil: Another must have essential for upper face makeup. It makes your eyebrows look well groomed and clean. It’s a fact that well defined and groomed eyebrows can enhance your looks and if not done perfectly then it can be a huge spoiler too.

Eye Shadow Palette: The primary use is for applying it on eyelids to make your face makeup look complete and naturally enhanced. It gels wonderfully well and complements your overall look. You should pick one carefully for the kit and also ensure you have gold shade in your palette because in most makeups you are going to need it.

Mascara: Yet another must have cosmetic in your daily makeup kit. Used for highlighting and defining eyelashes, its primary use it to make your eye lashes look thick and enhanced. It is available from different brands in india and comes in cake, liquid and cream form.

makeup brushesEyeliners: Want to make your eyes look bigger? You must have eyeliners in your bridal makeup box. It is primarily applied on contours of your eyes to make them look defined and attractive. Be it smokey eyes effect or for wide eye look, you are always going to need a good eyeliner. Market is flooded with different kinds of eyeliners such as liquid ones, pencils, and even gel or cream based ones as well. However, buying a waterproof eyeliner is should be your concern. For a bit more creative or colorful look, you can go bold with colorful eyeliners which is a popular trend these days in India.

Kajal Pencil: Again, a good tool to have if you prefer making you eyes look bright and bigger with your face makeup. Great asset specially for well defined eye makeup for brides.

Primer: It is applied as a base before applying foundation. Primary use of it is to make your foundation stay longer and also helps in improving coverage of the foundation. So, it’s a good to have primer applied to have a strong base ready for your makeup.
Concealer: The main role of a concealer is to help you reduce appearance of dark spots, circles and signs of aging. It used as a medium to hide those blemishes to make your skin look perfect and clean. You can think of it like foundation, but it is different in terms of consistency or thickness.

Highlights: It’s a must have makeup kit essential if you want to get that enhanced features look or to improve your skin complexion.

Bronzer: I great option to have if you prefer that dusky or suntan look. It makes your skin look shinier and gives you that perfect glossy bronze appearance. Even thought it is not necessary, but still a handy asset to have in your kit.

Foundation: If there is one makeup essential that everyone must have, it has to be the foundation. It has many uses, and specially used to create the base of makeup. Girls generally use it to cover their unsightly dark spots, skin blemishes and pigmentation spots. It helps you get that clean and smooth skin appearance which is important to make your makeup look well defined. Make sure you know your skin type and tone before buying foundation for your kit.

Compact: Comes in powder form, it is the most commonly used cosmetic that is applied to get blemish free and even looking skin.

BB Cream: Great for skin hydration and to get that radiant and brighter skin tone. These days most brands are making bb creams with SPF formula which is optimum to protect skin from sun-rays which can be harmful. It can also be used as sunscreen which makes it a perfect cosmetic to have to protect skin and have that lovely bright skin tone.

Makeup Brushes: How can we not include the most important tool set in a bridal makeup kit? Well, you must have a good set of brushes required for different techniques and applications.

Blush: It is applied on cheeks to highlight and get light pinkish glow on them.

Skin Moisturizer: Keeping a skin moisturizer in your kit is always helpful because it keeps your skin hydrated and make it smoother and softer. Not to mention, it protects as well.

Hair Spray: Soon after getting married you will be invited for lots of dinners, lunches, and parties by relatives and friends. For this you’d require different looks and for that your hairstyle need to look nicely done. For this we recommend keeping a hair spray in your vanity because it helps you maintain the hairstyle for long duration. Make sure you purchase an alcohol free hair spray to prevent hair from damage.

Nail Paints: Having a good 9-10 set of your nail paints in different shades in your kit is what we suggest. Good makeup and lovely hairstyle is needed but what about the hands? Well, you must complete the look with perfect nail colors that matches your attire.

Nail Paint Remover: With nail paints the need of having nail paint remover is quite obvious. We recommend buying a remove with vitamin E, lavender oil and grape seed extracts because they help you moisturize your nails.

Perfume: Carrying your favorite fragrance in your kit is an absolute must! You can either have your favorite deodorant or perfume to smell fresh all the time.

Sunscreen: Right after your wedding, the first trip would your honeymoon and while sight seeing or going outdoors to enjoy your time, you need to protect your skin with a good sunscreen to avoid tanning.

Wet Tissues: You may need them anytime to remove makeup on the go, so having a pack of wet tissues in your box is always handy.

Cotton: Just like wet tissues cotton is also a multifunctional essential in a makeup kit because it is needed to remove makeup or if you want to correct excessive application of primer, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, kajal or color shades.

Sindoor: For indian married women, the importance of sindoor is immense. It’s available in powder and liquid forms and every popular cosmetic brand in india provides it. So, girls, don’t forget to keep it in your kit.

Face Pack: Applying so much of makeup can have an adverse effect on your skin, therefore applying a natural face pack can rejuvenate your skin to get the sheen back.

Bleach: Bleaching your skin once in a while is good to get that lovely glow and shine. You must keep a bleach pack in your kit always.

Safety Pins: Having a set of safety pins in your kit will help you a great deal specially if you wear sarees and simillar attires a lot.

Hair Pins / Rubber Bands: Keep a set of hair bands and pins in your kit because you’ll need them for hairstyling.

Small Mirror: That’s quite obvious isn’t it? You may not need to buy a separate one though, because most makeup boxes comes with in-built mirrors inside them.

Comb: Again another obvious one to keep you hair combed and well managed with different hairstyles. A comb is a must!

Make up Remover: Applying makeup, looking great, lots of complements is all great, but what about going back home and removing that makeup? Well, you certainly need a good makeup remover to keep your face fresh.

Pheeeew! That’s a huge list of cosmetics in a box isn’t it? Well, we have tried including every essential we could think of. If you think we have missed out on something, please comment below to share it.

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